How to find a good jewelry box manufacturer

An Old Story Tells Us

There is a very old story in China in which over 2000 years ago, a jewelry seller who majored in selling beautiful pearls, made a very beautiful, luxury jewelry box to contain the pearls, and someone bought the jewelry box at a very high price but returned the pearl to the seller. The implied meaning of this story is to tell people should always focus on the key thing not only on outlook. As a jewellery box manufacturer, I do not agree with the meaning at all as I did think that a unique, beautiful, luxury jewelry box was worth a good price. You may find similar pearls in different places but you can not find another one attractive jewellery box once you miss it.


To Choose a Good Jewellery Box Manufacturer

Now in 2023, people love to wear different kinds of jewelry, necklaces, rings, watches, earrings with different shapes, and materials in daily life. And we do not need to put the jewellery into your locker or basement but we are very easy to get a jewellery box now. There are a lot of jewelry boxes in the market, you can choose based on your requirements, for home use, or even for traveling. Not like other decorative products, the consumer may touch their jewelry box every day, therefore, choosing a good jewellery box manufacturer as your supplier is very important, as bad quality products/bad experience of using products, etc may bring you a lot of bad ratings.


jewellery box manufacturer

jewellery box manufacturer


Why Choose Hong Mao As Your Jewellery Box Manufacturer

Find a proper jewelry box to store your timepieces is very important for consumers, and we would like to introduce ourselves to you, Hong Mao Glass has specialized in doing custom jewelry boxes for over 23 years, we have many different items with different sizes, compartments, dividers, with various unique finishes, and the most important thing is using fined workmanship soft felt inside to avoid any breakage during use. With our advantageous facilities and unique finishes, a customer jewelry box that Hong Mao is not only for storage but also as a luxury/special decoration on your dresser. As a glass jewellery box manufacturer, Hong Mao Glass Co., Ltd was set up in 1999 and specialized in flat glass industries for over 23 years till now, besides developing some special glass/mirrored jewellery boxes, we now also can supply PU leather, and MDF jewelry boxes. Being a jewellery box manufacturer, we kept investing in new facilities and new finishes, then we could create a new look, new functions, and special, valuable custom jewellery boxes for all of our customers.


Feel Free to Contact Us

Hong Mao supplied many famous branding retailers or chain stores in Europe, the US Australia, etc. with different kinds of glass or mirror decorative products. With over 23 years of working experience as a jewellery box manufacturer, we do believe we can work together to bring good quality products, good service, and good prices. Don’t hesitate to call us or drop us your email for your inquiries!


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