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Black Lines Floral Mirrored Glass Photo Frame-PF005
Diamante Mirrorred Glass Photo Frame-PF007
Gold Glitter Marble Glass Photo Frame-PF002
Gold Lines Fan Pattern Glass Photo Frame-PF006
Gold Marble Print Glass Photo Frame-PF001
Mirrored Floral Glass Photo Frame-PF004
Navy Blue Pattern Mirrored Glass Photo Frame-PF003
Watercolor Black Floral Glass Photo Frame-PF008

Find your perfect glass mirror photo frame

If photo is a record of our memory, then photo frame will be the place that we store our memory. People love taking photo, wherever they are, whenever they are, whatever they are. And people use to print out the photos they loved and put them into photo frames at their home, office etc. Nowadays, photo frame is not only just for containing the photo but also a decoration on desktop or on wall hanging.

Now there are a lot of options in the market for picture frames, then we would like to introduce ourselves to you, Hong Mao Glass Co., Ltd, who specialized in doing glass mirror photo frame or frameless glass picture frames.

Why Choose Our glass mirror photo frame

  1. Using the glass mirror photo frame or frameless glass picture frames, it is very easy to clean, also will be easy to replace the photo on the back. And the glass mirror photo frame or frameless glass picture frames that Hong Mao makes, various sizes available with different unique outlook also fine quality
  2. Up to date design with special finishes which will be luxury and eye-catching, also Hong Mao Glass own a lot of advantage facilities which can develop trendy designs to fit different decoration styles. Elegant, stable and durable, you and your families can have more than one glass mirror photo frame or frameless glass picture frames in your living house, dinning room, bedroom etc. We are good at designing glass mirror photo frame or frameless glass picture frames
  3. Of course OEM is welcomed, as mentioned we can have the frames done with various finishes, such as printed, digital printing, etched, foil leaf etc, you can think about how to use the glass mirror photo frame or frameless glass picture frames, to match the decoration styles in your market, then we can create the special but unique product.
  4. We also can create a whole story for you for home such as matching glass jewelry box, organizer, trays, clocks, coasters & placemat etc, to build up a strong branding collection which can increase your sales.



Having your memorable photos in special photo frames at home or office, you will enjoy the time when you looking at them. Get a glass mirror photo frame, put your favorite photo in, having your own life style. And we will be your good choice for offering good quality, on trend looking and reasonable prices as a supplier for frameless glass picture frames supplier, which started in 1999 and specialized in flat glass industries over 23 years. We supplies many famous branding retailers or chain stores in Europe, US and Australia etc, and we do believe you will also enjoy our products and services.

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