Faced Deco Mirror MR006 MR006
Faced Deco Mirror MR007
Gold Edge Deco Mirror-MR003
Gold Edge Layered Mirror MR002
Gold Edge Deco Mirror-MR004
Multi Layers Deco Mirror MR001
Stepped Deco Mirror MR005

Hong Mao, a trusted art deco wall mirror manufacturer

Hong Mao Glass has established itself as a trusted art deco wall mirror manufacturer in this industry. Hong Mao Glass has worked with many famous leading retailers and online stores located in Europe, the US, and Australia. Our inventory offers different types of Jewelry boxes, Watch cases, Watch rolls, Mirrors, Photo Frame and Other Decorative Accessories.


In our mirror collection, we have a huge variety of products. All of them are art deco wall mirrors and they come in different designs. Hong Mao offers gold edge deco mirrors, facet deco mirrors, Diamond facet deco mirrors, gold-edged oval deco mirrors, stepped deco mirrors, multilayer deco mirrors, and gold-edged deco mirrors.


All of these art deco wall mirrors are made from top-tier material which ensures the durability of the mirror. Using good material also ensures perfect reflection light. The shapes of these mirrors are perfect and they can nicely fit into different mirrors. With an amazing look and elegant design, these mirrors are capable of enhancing the beauty of the place. These mirrors are available in different sizes and designs so customers can find the best fit for themselves.

Along with the product quality, our customer service is also satisfying. We provide OEM and ODM services to satisfy our customers to the fullest. Aside from this, we have a team of hardworking and intelligent individuals who research, design, and manufacture the products. They work very hard in the making of these art deco wall mirrors that last for years while holding the aesthetics of your house.


We have our own manufacturing factory so everything is done by our own employees to maintain the quality. Within our 23 years of experience in this industry, we have learned the unique needs of a business. We pay attention to our customers’ opinions and improve our products according to their suggestions. All of the product goes through strict quality control to ensure the quality of the products. After all, our goal is to improve the art deco wall mirror industry.


Our company takes part in exhibitions and fairs to display the quality of our products. Customers can also find art deco mirrors for sale as well as other items.

To learn more about our products or in need of art deco mirrors for sale, Mail us at matt.liu@hongmaoglass.com or contact us at 86-13824167737.

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