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Find Your Perfect Decorative Glass Tray From Hong Mao Glass

Hong Mao Glass Co., Ltd was set up in 1999 and specialized in flat glass industries for over 23 years, we are supplying different kinds of glass or mirror decorative products to famous branding retailers, chain stores, etc all over the world, and the decorative glass tray and rectangular glass tray becomes more and more popular in recent years. And if you are looking for good quality, luxury look, reasonable price supplier for decorative glass trays, we will be your good choice!


Why Use Decorative Glass Tray

Nowadays, there are a lot of different trays in our daily life, you may have a rectangular glass tray in your kitchen; having jewelry tray in your bedroom; or a decorative tray in your living room, etc. Of course, there are always different materials and shapes available in the market, we now just would like to introduce the decorative glass tray for you. You deserve to have a lovely decorative glass tray to contain different kinds of small things in daily life but also enhance your home lifestyle. 

Why choose Hong Mao Decorative Glass Tray?

The decorative glass tray that Hong Mao makes, has a luxury outlook — Fine finished Metal base with beveled glass outside, fine finished inside, also with our advantage facilities we always can develop trendy designs which can fit different decoration styles. Elegant and luxurious, easy to clean, stable and durable, you deserve to have more than one decorative glass tray in your living house, dressing table, dining room, bedroom, etc. 

Also, we have various finishes that can apply to our decorative glass tray, such as printed, digital printing, etched, foil leaf, etc, you always can create a special but unique product with Hong Mao Glass for your market. We can create a whole story for you for your home such as matching glass frames, jewelry boxes, organizers, coasters and placemats, etc, to build up a strong branding collection that can increase your sales. 


As there are different types or sizes of trays in different countries, we warmly welcome customers from all over the world to work with us for custom size of decorative glass trays and rectangular glass tray. With over 23 years of working experience with glass, we do believe you will enjoy our good quality decorative glass tray. Please feel free to call us or drop us your email for your inquiries, looking forward to working with you!

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