Why we chose the glass to start the business?

Franky Fan, the owner of Hong Mao Glass Co., Ltd, started the business in 1990 in Taiwan. There were quite a lot of glass factories around where he lived, and he used to work in the glass factories to work during the holiday time during his high school life. Days passed, he felt that he loved the material of glass and decide to devote himself into the glass industry in his lifetime.


Glass, it is very hard but it can be easy to break (normal glass).

Glass, it won’t cheat you as you can see what the other did on its back.

Glass, it can be reflected everything once if it becomes a mirror.

Glass, it can not be fixed or repair once if there is chip edge/crack so you must be very carful with glass.

Glass, it can be 100% flat but also can be in different curved shape.



There are a lot of peculiarities of glass which we can not listed all, and you can see nowadays more and more glass around us which means glass is an essential material for the world now. We are very proud of being one of the glass factory supplying glass home décor and giftware, and we love glass, and we learn from glass, also we want to bring the elegance of glass to the world via our products.


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