Chose portable travel single watch roll case for your timepieces storage

In 2023, people finally have their own normal life! And the most important thing for some people is, finally they can travel to the place they want! Are you ready to have a short or long trip? How many things you need to bring with you? Nowadays, a lot of products are became more and more space saving, portable, light weight … And here we would like to introduce our portable travel single watch roll case to you, then you can put your timepieces in which will be very safe, fashion and convenience.

In this article, we will go through the benefits of our portable travel watch roll case, which is special, luxury and customized.


THE BENEFITS OF Hong Mao’s Single watch roll case

People love to buy watches, as decoration to match their clothes, or fit different occasion like business, parties etc.  And bringing the watches during their trip will be always a challenge, now we have a portable travel Single watch roll case, which can help you to solve this concern. Hong Mao is specialized in doing different kinds products with PU leather, glass or MDF. Not only doing the some glass jewellery boxes, with special but luxury glass as outside, inside is good quality workmanship velvet section for watches or jewelry, but also specialized in leather pieces such as watch roll case.  Here are some benefits of Hong Mao’s Single watch roll case:


single watch roll case

single watch roll case


  1. Custom design: A leather travel watch roll case is the epitome of sophistication. You can have your own design or fashion design, along with your logo to stamp on the leather.
  2. Versatility: These watch roll case are available in various sizes, shapes, and designs, making them incredibly versatile, normally we do one slot, two slots and 3 slots.
  3. Statement Pieces: If you’re aiming to make a bold statement with your decor, a special leather watch roll case is an ideal choice. Taking out from your luggage or bag, placing one of these boxes on a dresser, console, or vanity instantly draws attention and becomes a conversation starter, showcasing your refined taste.
  4. Portable but safe: The first thing we will need to consider will be space saving and portable when you fill the things into your luggage or bag. Our watch roll single case will be a very great choice for you to contain the watch during your trip, and it can protect your watch very good during transion.
  5. Gift idea:  It can be a Christmas gift, valentines, father’s day gift, anniversary, graduation and of course the perfect wedding gift for your bride or maid of honour.


single watch roll case

single watch roll case


WHERE TO ORDER YOUR CUSTOMIZED Hong Mao’s Single watch roll case?

While there are different company responsible for the production of glass decorative products, some tend to be at the forefront in the industry. One of such top companies is Hong Mao Glass Co., Ltd.

With over two decades in the production of glass, mirror and PU leather decorative products, Hong Mao Glass has been the go-to place for famous branding retailers, chain stores, etc all over the world. Hence, if you are interested in luxury look, good quality and special watch packaging box, rest assured of getting your specification with us.

Hong Mao Glass Co., Ltd deals on wholesale order and can customize your order according to what you want. Do well to contact us to get your free quote.


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