Vintage Glass Photo Frames – essential in your house

Choose vintage glass photo frames for your memorable photos!

Nowadays, a lot of new things have been invented for a smart life, and at the same time, a lot of the old things have been replaced. Such as traditional cameras, film, old phones, etc. But putting memorable photos in frames in your houses, offices, etc, will be never out of date. People still spend their time sourcing a lovely photo frame to fill their photos, not only as a deco in their places but as a soft corner inside their hearts.

Here we would like to introduce our vintage glass photo frames to you, then you can put your lovely photos in your living rooms, offices, etc. In this article, we will go through the benefits of our vintage glass photo frames.


THE BENEFITS OF Hong Mao’s vintage glass photo frames

As a glass frames manufacturer of over 20 years, we know that the best selling sizes for frame opening will be 6×4” & 7×5”, and we know that different patterns/colors/wording will be the first thing to consider from consumers, they will need to match the decorative style of their house, or they will need to send the frame as a gift to somebody. Hong Mao has specialized in doing glass photo frames for over 24 years, here are some benefits of Hong Mao’s glass photo frame:

1.Custom design: There are different sizes of photos, also consumers will always looking for new stuff. Hong Mao can afford custom design, not only in different sizes but we can have a lot of different finishes such as printing, etched, foil leaf, etc, you can have your own design glass photo frame.


vintage glass photo frames

vintage glass photo frames


2.Good Quality and Durable:  HongMao’s products are always good quality, and the products are very durable to use.

3.Gift idea:  Of course, it can be a great wedding gift, Christmas gift, Valentine’s, anniversary, graduation, and a lot of different moments that need to be recorded.

4.Extend: Hong Mao is special in doing glass deco items, then you can not only glass photo frames but also build up a collection such as jewelry boxes, trays, coaster placemats, mirrors, etc, which can be a very strong sales collection to increase your sales.


WHERE TO ORDER YOUR CUSTOMIZED Hong Mao’s vintage glass photo frames?

If you are still worried about how to choose a suitable supplier of vintage glass photo frames, Hong Mao Glass is a reliable choice. While there are different companies responsible for the production of glass decorative products, some tend to be at the forefront of the industry. One of such top companies is Hong Mao Glass Co., Ltd. Hong Mao Glass Co., Ltd deals in wholesale order and can customize your order according to what you want. Do well to contact us to get your free quote.


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